VSA is always in need of kitten and cat fosters, special needs fosters, and fosters to help socialize feral kittens.

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent to one of our homeless animals, please start by emailing us at or call (239) 290-6274.  We look for individuals who are able to provide one on one care with kittens and cats.

We have kitties from bottle feeder infants who need to be fed every few hours, to feral kittens who need lots of attention and socialization to special needs adults that need temporary foster homes where they can recoup from sickness and injuries.  We need people who can keep kitties in their home until they are ready to be vetted and placed up for adoption.  We also need people who are flexible enough that they can drop their fosters off and pick them up from vet appointments and adoption events.

Previous fostering experience is great, but is not required.