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We Love Dogs!

VSA is best known for cats. VSA also loves dogs. While we rescue and find homes for kittens, we also focus a lot of our attention and resources on improving the lives of dogs.

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Newsletter Fall 2014


Adoption Location and Time

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AAA Special Adoption Program

Adopt-An-Adult Qualifying Adult cats are available for a special adoption fee of $35! Also, you will recieve a $25 Petsmart Gift Card, a coupon book and a bag of goodies. Check out our Adults on our Petfinder’s page for more specific information. Call 290-6274 for more details.


Adopt-An-Adult: $35 Adoption Fee, $25 Petsmart Gift Card, Coupon Book, and a Bag of Goodies, Please call for details and a list of cats that qualify for this program. 290-6274