Discount Spay/Neuter



VSA offers low-cost dog and cats spay and neuter vouchers to Collier County residents.  This program is offered to pet owners who cannot afford the cost of the spay or neuter surgery.

VSA offers vouchers for dogs and two types of vouchers for cats: a voucher for pet cats and a voucher for feral cats.    Feral cat vouchers are for cats that must be trapped.   We can loan a trap.

There are 11 veterinary clinics that accept VSA vouchers.   Appointments are made with the veterinary clinic after a pet owner obtains a voucher   Pet owners can choose which clinic to use among those listed.   Owners make the appointment and take and pick-up their pets as directed by the veterinary clinic.  VSA provides a list of the participating veterinary clinics.

Your pet does not need to be present  to obtain a voucher.   Vouchers cannot be mailed.   Call VSA at 239 290-6274 to determine eligibility and make an appointment to pick up the voucher.   A $5 cash deposit is required.