How to Adopt

Adoption Guidelines:

•Complete an adoption application
•18 yrs of age or older
•Have ID showing your present address
•Have the knowledge and consent of your landlord
•Be able and willing to spend the time and money necessary to provide training, medical treatment, and proper care for a pet

Adoption Fees:

$70 adoption fee includes: deworm, deflea, FIV / FeLV test, FVRCP and Rabies vaccines (if applicable), spay / neuter, microchip.

Adoption Hours:

Saturday and Sunday at PetSmart
2255 Pine Ridge Road Naples
11:00am to 2:30pm.

Because most kitties are in foster homes, everyone must fill out an adoption application prior to setting a meeting with a cat or kitten. Once your application is filled out and submitted, someone will call you to do a phone interview for adoption pre-approval.

Once you are pre approved, VSA will set up a time for you to meet and adopt your new kitty. The adoption pre approval process is required prior to meeting one of our cats or kittens.

VSA reserves the right to do home checks and refuse adoption to anyone.

Important notice to anyone interested in adopting or pre adopting a VSA kitty off the website:

In order to adopt a VSA kitty off the website, the following steps must be taken:

1 – An adoption application must be filled out and emailed to or faxed to 239-261-4768. If you call the main line without filling out an application, we will only refer you to fill out an application, so if you are interested in adoption please fill out an application before following up with a phone call. While we may have other applications pending for the cat / kitten you are interested in, they are most likely still available if they are still online, so fill out an application or you might miss out on the opportunity to adopt the kitty you want! We update the website daily, so if you don’t see the kitty you want today, check back tomorrow!

2 – Upon receipt of your application, a VSA representative will contact you to do a phone interview.

3 – If your application is approved for adoption following the phone interview, a meeting will be set with the kitty. Please keep in mind that the cat / kitten you are applying to adopt may have other applications pending. Just because you have a meeting set, does not mean the kitty is unavailable to anyone else. An adoption is not final until an adoption contract is signed and the adoption fee is paid in full. VSA will not hold animals without receipt of the adoption fee, which is non refundable*.

4 – Once the adoption contract is signed and fee collected, the kitty is removed from the website and unavailable to anyone else. Please note that VSA reserves the right to refuse adoption to anyone, and that applications are not approved on a first come first serve basis. Our goal is to find the right home for the right kitty, above all else.

*There are only a few exceptions to the adoption fee being non refundable. If you are pre adopting a kitten, most likely that kitten is too young to be vetted. If you pre adopt a kitten and the vet finds a life threatening medical issue, only then can your adoption fee be refunded, if you choose not to go ahead with the adoption. As stated previously, VSA also reserves the right to refuse adoption, so if something is disclosed after the papers are signed and fee collected, that is not in line with VSA’s policies for adoption, VSA has the right to refuse adoption and return your adoption fee. Any other reasons an adopter walks away from an adoption – the fee is non refundable.

Please read if you are considering pre-adoption: If you choose to pre adopt a kitten too young to be fixed, please keep in mind the following:

1 – VSA does not guarantee a date when a pre adopted kitten can go home. We may give you an idea on when we think the kitten will be ready for pick up, but this is never set in stone. We normally will have kittens 5-6 weeks old available for pre adoption. You must be prepared to wait a few weeks to pick up your pre adopted kitty and to understand if the estimated pick up date is postponed due to the kitten not making weight, getting sick, etc. A kitten has to be 2 lbs (usually about 2 months old) before he / she can be fixed and must be fixed prior to leaving VSA’s care – no exceptions. If you are not prepared to wait the necessary time it may take for a kitten to get big enough to be fixed, then please consider adopting an older kitten that is already fixed. We will not, under any circumstances, allow a kitten to go home unfixed.

2 – VSA often adopts to people who live outside Naples or even outside Florida. If you are not a local resident and are approved for adoption, we may give you the option of forgoing meeting the kitty, and let you send in the fee for us to hold the kitty for you until ready for pick up. However, VSA will not transport or ship animals. You must be prepared to make the drive / flight to Naples to pick up your pre adopted kitten, when the time comes.